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Today I’d like to share with you a Podcast that Jason Botts, Extreme Focus Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, and former Major League Baseball player asked me to do with him. Jason has privately coached a wide array of clients from elite athletes to entrepreneurs,  military veterans to teenagers, company presidents to stay at home moms. In each episode of the FULL FORCE LIFE Podcast, Jason discusses the real forces that shape our success and fulfillment, the beliefs of who we are, whats most important and what we’re capable of, and how to realign and reprogram yourself with the beliefs that will be necessary to live your ultimate vision.

Here’s Jason’s introduction for our podcast:

Today, we’ve got another great special guest, Jeff Salzenstein. He is a former tennis player. He’s also the creator of TennisEvolution.com, a very, very large online tennis instruction business. This man has my admiration and my respect on so many different levels. I was very excited that he agreed to be on the show. Someone who, not only was an elite athlete, performed at a very elite level, but someone who has the idea to think outside the box and take risks as an entrepreneur, creating this online business and doing stuff that most people who have walked his journey, they normally don’t do stuff like that. It’s so cool to go out there and be bold and take initiative and to create something out of nothing, which is the online business for sure. I think it’s so awesome.

What I also really, really like about having him here and last week’s guest as well; last week being the former NFL quarterback, Cree Morris. I remember when I first really committed to doing this podcast. This is back in December, around Christmas time when I sat down and I really met the people who were going to produce and edit the show and take care of all the little things for me. My only responsibilities were to do the interview, ask the questions and to find the guest. In my mind I was thinking, “I know some baseball guys I can bring in here and they would be great interviews.” After that, how long can I make it just about baseball? I’m going to run out of guys, as well as I really wanted to have multiple different sports because I think each type of sport has different things that are going on; different reactions, different focus, different parts that require mental strength. It’s cool to learn the strategies and the ideas and the techniques of what athletes in different sports do. Maybe you can take it away and put it in your own sport. Even in business as well. I love bringing in other athletes outside of the baseball world. It’s so cool that we got Jeff here on the show today.

What I wanted to highlight was be descriptive with your goals. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box from time to time. You’re going to hear a lot more about this coming up in this episode with Jeff. He’s an extremely intelligent, articulate man, a great communicator, and got some good stories going along too. Without any further ado, we’ll see you guys on the other side.



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