“Sometimes, you need a little patience.” — Guns and Roses, and truthfully you need every bit of it when you play an annoying pusher! In this video lesson, we are going to help you with one way to beat the pusher by focusing on playing smart and patient.

So, what is the key to playing a pusher? You have to be patient, and wait for that right time to attack  Sometimes it’s a good idea not to give the pusher any pace, because they like pace. If you learn to move smoothly and gracefully on the court, they might struggle with that as well, and that’s where you might find your opportunity to go on the offensive.

In short, be willing to play high and slow, wait for the perfect time to attack, and whatever you do, avoid rushing! Don’t try to end points to early and play to save targets to avoid missing wide. After all playing through the middle, and high to the backhand are simple strategies that really work against the pusher. 

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  1. Kiam

    Learn to push yourself…stop listening to tennis coaches as if they have all the answers….Learn to play defense before you learn offense…gets, drops, digs, chips, drinks, and lobs are just as much part of the game as groundstrokes. Professional tennis coaches pretend they are going to make you winning tennis players by hitting you endless groundstrokes, but they should be concentrating on helping you learn to hustle, dig, get, slice, lob, and block balls back….This is how you win at tennis. The advice about playing slow and down the middle to a pusher is good….the only advantage you have is that you can hit the ball hard once in a while, and he probably can’t….If you don’t hit it with proper placement, though, or if he anticipates it, you are probably going to lose the point….so hit the ball slow, move it around, and then once in a while, lean into it, and hit it hard somewhere good, and maybe follow it in…if he retrieves it, don’t overhit, volley behind him, or if you can’t get tot he net, just return to the slow rally…this will frustrate him….How do I know? because I am a pusher!

    • Jeff Salzenstein

      Kiam, Very good take. Thanks for sharing.


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