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Today I’d like to share with you a Podcast that Connor Beaton, Founder of ManTalks, asked me to do with him. Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Connor comes from an exciting (and eclectic) background ranging from the world of opera to technology sales and management. Connor is a leader, with a dynamic personality, unstoppable energy and charisma which has made ManTalks the success it is today. Connor is passionate and committed to developing others and giving them the tools to create top-performing teams and organizations. Connor has a strong vision for the future of ManTalks, and it is through his leadership that the team strives for success. He is a great listener, constantly curious, fascinated by human performance and always pushing himself and those around him to be their best.

Here’s Connor’s introduction for our podcast:

Jeff Salzenstein was a top 100 world ranked ATP professional in singles and doubles and was the oldest American to break the top 100 in the world for the first time after the age of 30. During his 11 year pro career riddled with injuries, surgeries, and setbacks, Jeff became fascinated by human performance especially in the areas of mindset and healthy living and has made it his mission to develop himself in these areas so that he can support his client’s growth and transformation. Jeff was a 2 time All-American, national champion and team captain at Stanford University where he received his BA in Economics.

Jeff is committed to helping visionary leaders (executives, entrepreneurs, and athletes) create more success and fulfillment so that they can live their best lives possible. He helps his clients see their “blind spots” and powerfully coaches them to create strategies and tools to make breakthroughs in life. Jeff is a true “cornerman” in every sense of the word.  Part coach, mentor, confidant, and friend, Jeff connects with his clients on a deep level, asking thoughtful questions while drawing on his unique perspective as a successful entrepreneur, world class tennis coach, and former professional tennis player.  Jeff’s true genius lies in his ability to blend intuition and experience to create a deep level of trust, accountability and inspiration for his clients so that they feel excited to create more positive change in their lives.  Jeff loves sharing powerful perspective and wisdom that can create massive shifts, clarity, and transformation.

Some questions Connor asks…

  • Could you share a defining moment for you? – 4:07
  • Did You Know Your Brother Was Using Drugs? And Did You Know You Wanted To Start To Move Away From Tennis? – 6:06
  • How Did You Navigate The Transition Of Stepping Away From Tennis? – 9:39
  • What Were Some Key Things You’Ve Learned From Tennis That You Use In Your Couching Practice? – 13:37
  • What Are Some Of The Question You Like To Ask Those You Coach To Help Navigate Their Transition? – 16:24



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  1. Chuck Skarshaug

    Very good questions from Connor and extremely inciteful answers from Jeff. It becomes obvious to me that Jeff has used his own athletic career and challenges to become a great coach/mentor to others who can avoid some of the same problems or challenges that Jeff faced. Not only to show them the way but also how to become aware of how to handle those challenges.

    • Jeff Salzenstein

      Thank you, Chuck. I really appreciate that.


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