How To Use The Lansdorp Finish On The 2 Handed Backhand


Want to learn how to use the Lansdorp finish on the 2 handed backhand?

Well, strap yourself in. Because that’s exactly what I’m going to be revealing to you inside this article.

Many players often ask me, when’s the best time to use the Lansdorp finish? Should it only be used as an approach or passing shot, or are there any other occasions where it can be used effectively?

Well, there are a absolutely a few specific occasions when you should use it. For instance, when the ball is in your strike zone. Or when you want to drive the ball flatter. Or when you want to hit an approach shot.  And last but not least, when the ball is coming flying at you at breakneck speed.

So, now you know when to use this finish, let’s get into the nitty gritty of how to actually use it in those situations.


How To Hit A Powerful 2 Handed Backhand


The main purpose of this finish is to let you hit flatter, and drive the ball through the court. However, you can only do this on certain kinds of balls.

It won’t work if you use the Lansdorp at the wrong time. A great time to use the Lansdorp finish is when the ball comes fast and is low. This situation is ideal, because you can use this finish to laser the ball back, low over the net.

It’s much harder to use this finish on a higher ball. This is because you would be trying to finish high on a higher ball.

On higher balls you should cover the ball more, and finish more across instead of higher.


How To Use The Lansdorp Finish On The 2 Handed Backhand For Approach Shots


You can also use this finish on the approach shot, especially when the ball is lower.

Again on a higher ball you want to cover the ball more. But, if the ball is low (or in your strike zone), the Lansdorp finish can be very effective.

Make sure you have a safe target and rip the ball with the Lansdorp finish. If you do this you will get great drive on your approach shot, and your opponent will be struggling to pass you.

It works so well because your opponent has to deal with a ball that is landing pretty deep, and is also skidding through the court because it is a flatter shot. This gives your opponent almost no time to deal with your penetrating two handed backhand.


Footwork For The Lansdorp Finish


You should also make sure you’re using the right footwork with the Lansdorp finish.

You want to be stepping in or using a lift and land footwork pattern. In both cases, you need to make sure that all your weight is transferred onto your front foot so that you get maximum power and drive on your shot. If you use the Lansdorp finish at the right times with the right footwork, you will notice that your opponents will be playing a lot of defense, and you’ll be the one calling the shots.

If you follow the tips in this article on how to use the Lansdorp finish on the 2 handed backhand, and start using it more often in these situations, you’re opponents will soon start to fear your impressive two hander.


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