Key To A Great Topspin Serve

Today’s lesson is going to cover how to serve like a tennis pro with the proper swingpath. I happen to have one of the bigger serves on tour, because I did everything in my power to master this all important shot. Believe it or not, my serve wasn’t always a weapon.

When I was a freshman in college, I didn’t have the best tennis serve….in fact it was one of the worst serve at that level. And I definitely didn’t have a great topspin tennis serve. After years of studying the pros and getting advice from awesome coaches like John Yandell, I began to master the topspin serve.

When I was an ATP tennis pro playing on tour, I used to focus on creating a circular type of motion on my topspin serve. This allowed for my arm to swing on the correct path and to get the maximum amount of spin on my tennis topspin serve. Using this circular motion is a unique concept, but a highly effective way to swing the racquet.


Practicing Swing Path Strategy

Creating the correct swing path is what helped me learn how to serve like the best tennis pros on tour.

And having a big tennis serve will greatly improve your tennis game especially when you practice this swing path strategy. Next time you are out on the court, try and feel the type of swing path I’m showing you for your topspin serve.

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