How To Hit More Topspin On The Forehand


Today, we’re going to cover how to hit more topspin on the forehand.

I know a lot of players struggle with getting enough topspin on their forehand, despite using a semiwestern grip. There can be a number of factors causing this problem. The main factors being your first move, your swing path, your contact point, and your finish. So in this article, I’m going to go over each of those areas, and show you how you can dial them in to start hitting extreme topspin forehands.


Topspin Forehand First Move

Topspin Forehand First Move

Player’s looking to discover how to hit more topspin on the forehand can benefit greatly from modelling Novak Djokovic.

Especially his first move.

Modelling Djokovic’s topspin forehand first move is a great strategy for players with a semiwestern grip looking to hit their forehand with topspin technique. Reason being, he’s got arguably one of the best topspin forehand in tennis. You see, when Djokovic takes the racquet back to hit a topspin forehand, his racquet strings typically face the back fence at a slight angle (this is a function of his grip style, so keep that in mind). Unlike most other players, whose racquet strings will usually be facing the side fence during their backswing (again, this is impacted by grip style)..

When your racquet strings are facing the back fence during your backswing, it’s going to make it a lot easier for you drop under the ball, and brush up to create more topspin,

But remember. This tip will only work if you have a semi-western grip. If that’s not you, don’t worry. I’ve still got few more topspin forehand tips to show you how to hit more topspin on the forehand.


Topspin Forehand Swing Path

Topspin Forehand Swing Path

If you want to generate topspin on the forehand, you will want to focus on honing your topspin forehand swing path. A good swing path for the topspin forehand will go from low to high. Starting below the ball and finish finishing well up above your shoulder.

A really good drill to help you get this concept is called the “net drill.” Of all the topspin forehand tennis drills you can practice, this is one of the most effective. To do this drill, get close to the net and make a practice swing with your forehand, brushing the racquet face against the net. The racquet tip has to drop well below the net, and then brush up along the net. From there, the racquet face will naturally go up over your shoulder.

This drill teaches you the feeling of brushing up the back of ball from low to high, which is exactly what will give you the heavy topspin you desire.


Topspin Forehand Contact Point

Topspin Forehand Contact Point

Players looking to learn how to hit a killer topspin forehand should focus on the contact point. Because at the contact point, there are two things you can think about in order to get more topspin.

First make sure to keep your head at contact all the way through, just like Federer. If you look up or lean too far forward you won’t be able to brush up the back of the ball as much, because your body won’t be in a great position to create much topspin.

Secondly, focus on hitting the bottom outside corner of the ball. For a righty this is the bottom right corner, and for a lefty the bottom left corner. This will ensure that you are making contact with the bottom part of the ball first and then brushing upwards.

You also want to hit the outside corner of the ball so that you can easily hit the ball crosscourt, and create angles with your new and improved topspin forehand.


How To Hit More Topspin On The Forehand – Finish

How To Hit More Topspin On The Forehand - Finish

Make sure that you are finishing up above your shoulder with a relaxed hand and arm. If you are gripping your racquet too tightly, you will never be able to create a lot of topspin.

Also try to point your strings more towards the sky at the finish. This “wrist break” at the finish will give you extra spin and control.


How To Hit More Topspin On The Forehand Conclusion

Give those four simple tennis forehand tips for more power and topspin a try, and see for yourself just how much more topspin you’ll be able to generate on your forehand.

Hint: It’s going to be a lot.



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