How To Fix Missing Long On The One Handed Backhand


Today we’re talking about how to fix missing long on the one handed backhand.

I know this a problem that many players struggle with. So, let’s jump into some simple, yet effective ways to help rid you of the backhand burden.

Let’s get into it…


Exaggerate Aiming Lower


In order to correct those balls that are flying long on your one hander, you should work on fixing your aim.

This is the easiest way to fix a trend in your mistakes. If you are struggling with the ball going long, I recommend you aim lower. Lowering your aim so that the ball flies closer to the net could create an immediate solution.

If you are already aiming low, but still missing long, don’t be afraid to exaggerate and aim at the net strap.

If your pattern is to miss long, then it’s much better to miss the next shot in the net (while still getting enough of the ball), instead of making the same mistake over and over again.


Aim To A Spot On The Court


Another way you can play with your targets is to aim at a spot on the court. If you’re missing in the net, aim at the baseline, where your opponent is standing.

If you’re missing long, you should aim shorter in the court around the service line. This will help you adjust where your ball lands.

Even if you aim for specific targets, there’s a good chance you will hit the ball in a different location, so we are just trying to exaggerate so that so you make a different mistake than normal.

This is why you should play little games with your aim, knowing that if you try to hit the net strap, or make the ball land in the court, then the ball might land deeper than you think.

Now, onto the final tip for how to fix missing long on the one handed backhand.


One Handed Backhand Finish


Another thing you can do to improve your backhand consistency is to hold your finish. Holding your finish allows you to do a number of things. You can check your racquet position, relaxation, extension, and balance.

Checking these key techniques at the end of your swing will help you identify what’s causing your errors.

The one that I suggest you pay the most attention to is your balance. It’s impossible to hit a perfect shot if your balance if off. If you’re aware of your balance at the end of the shot, it’ll give you a set point to adjust from until you dial in the right feeling at the end of your swings.

In summary, if you’re struggling with your one handed backhand flying long, you should make sure to identify what mistakes you’re making, and adjust your aim accordingly. Don’t be afraid to exaggerate your aim in the opposite direction.

If you use these powerful tips on how to fix missing long on the one handed backhand, you should be able to correct your backhand errors in no time at all.


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