Who Has The Better Backhand? Djokovic or Murray?

So, who has the better backhand, Djokovic or Murray?

Which one do you like and why?

The obvious choice is to pick Djokovic as having the world’s best 2 handed backhand but I’m not convinced. Murray can do things with that shot that is downright unreal.

Low To High Like Djokovic Or Swing Across Like Murray

Regardless, both their backhands are incredible despite the fact that they are different.

You see, Djokovic has more of a “low to high” swing path where the racquet strings face the target line longer. This can create more spin, height, and safety over the net. Murray, on the other hand “swings across” his body more creating a flatter type ball. This is a more advanced type swing that should be excited only after the low to high swing is solid.

Both swing paths can work but usually it’s better to swing more low to high to build that solid foundation.


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  1. Jim

    Very long ago, two handed shots were common. More recently—only a long time ago—two hands on the racquet was illegal for men. The feeling was that power would displace the intricacy and strategy of the game. That was eased, partly, I think, so Pancho Segura could play—fine player. I really think the two hander for men is damaging, just as people feared. It’s much harder to learn a good one hander. I think all the big players could compete under any rule set. I think this is a rule set that needs to change back—no more 2 hands for men.


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