Use The Buggy Whip Against The Slice

Ready for a cool buggy whip forehand tip to help you out today? Get ready this is going to be a fun tip for you to learn.

The buggy whip forehand is a very versatile shot that you can use throughout a match. You can use it when returning serve (like Serena Williams and Pete Sampras), when you are forced to hit the ball on the run (Sampras, Federer, Djokovic), and when you want to create more spin and angle on a crosscourt ball (Nadal).

Almost all the top players use the buggy whip at some point in a match. Some players like Nadal use it more than others. I was a big fan of using the buggy whip on different types of shots especially on balls were I felt a little late or off balanced on the forehand.

One time where you can use the buggy whip finish is against balls that come at you with slice. This is a buggy whip forehand tip that can make a huge difference.

Most players never think to use the buggy whip finish in this situation, but it really can get you out of a lot of jams. Imagine your opponent slicing the ball to you forehand The balls skids through the court and you either feel rushed or late and don’t get a clean hit on the ball. You may mishit the ball a little or chunk the ball into the net.

You lose confidence in your forehand and wonder why you keep missing this “easy” shot.


Use The “Hook” Finish

The reality is that you might be swinging across your body which keeps you from getting enough extension. But if you use the buggy whip “hook” finish to get outside the ball and handle the low skidding slice, you will feel a new found control that will make hitting this shot so much fun.

Instead of struggling to get the low slicing ball to rise over the net and to create enough spin to drop into play, you can simply finish higher using the buggy whip finish.

Using this buggy whip forehand tip will allow you to naturally create more topspin. Top players use this buggy whip finish because it’s just easier to swing this way especially in stressful situations.

You’ll get more lift on the ball when you use this finish which is crucial when dealing with a low slice.

This buggy whip forehand tip against the low slice can really help you make more balls and take that advantage away from your opponent.

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  1. Marcin

    Great tip. I often use this finishing while responding to slice balls and I have to say it helps a lot.

  2. stuey

    Thanks. Especially useful for me as I’m a lefty with a semi-western grip, and RH club players are always giving me this sort of ball…..thanks!


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